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  • it is characterized by high final strengths and, in the solidification process, lower development of heat of hydration


  • it is suitable for practically all classic construction works, it is excellently workable
  • it is suitable for concreting of foundations, armoured areas, for the production of blocks, thermally treated concrete, production of transport concrete, plasters and masonry cement mortars, large-volume and large-scale concreting
  • it is suitable for the preparation of concrete mixtures also of higher grades C 8/10 - C 30/37 with or without a plasticizer and grade C 35/45 only with a plasticizer
  • it is not suitable for works where a rapid increase in strength is required, and for concrete stored in an aggressive environment of sulphate waters

Method of delivery:

  • bulk - road tankers, railway wagons of RAJ type
  • palletised - in paper bags weighing 25 kg
  • we also supply palletized cement on pallets coated with self-shrinking foil for storage in harsh weather conditions



required values
EN 197-1

Reached values in
PCLA, a.s., Ladce

Beginning of
  minute min. 75 203 ± 18
2 days N.mm-2 min. 10 15,2 ± 2,2
  28 days N.mm-2 min. 32,5 – max. 52,5 40,4 ± 3,4
Cr (VI) content:
  ppm max. 2 0,8 ± 0,7
Specific surface:   m2.kg-1 not prescribed 450 ± 24

Product Parameter Statement:
Certificate of immutability of parameters:
Safety Data Sheet:
Product data sheet:
Continuous surveillance confirmation:

Cement quality is supervised by TSÚS Bratislava. The quality management system is governed by the standard:

The cements manufactured conform:

EN 197-1 : 2000 - 06 Cement: Composition, specification and criteria for demonstrating the conformity of cements for general use

EN 197-2 : 2000 - 06 Cement: Demonstration of conformity