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CEM II / B-M (S-L) 42,5 N


  • it is characterized by high initial and final strengths and, during the solidification process, rapid development of heat of hydration, the content of blast furnace granulated slag in the mixture with optimal content of finely ground limestone ensures high plasticity of concrete mixtures, shows a lower carbon footprint than Portland cements.


  • it is suitable for all classic and special construction works, it is excellently workable
  • it is suitable for concreting of foundations, armoured areas, for the production of blocks, thermally treated concrete, production of transport concrete, plasters and cement masonry mortars, large-volume and large-scale concreting, it is suitable for the preparation of concrete mixtures of lower and higher grades C 8/10 - C 40/45 with or without a plasticizer and grade C 45/50 only with a plasticizer
  • it is not suitable for works where a slow increase in strength is required

Reached standard parameters:

  • Pressure strength - 2 days: 22 – 25 MPa
  • Pressure strength - 28 days: 48 – 52 MPa
  • Beginning of solidification: 150 – 180 minutes
  • Grinding fineness: 440 – 460 m2/kg

Product Parameter Statement:
Certificate of immutability of parameters:
Safety Data Sheet:
Product data sheet:
Continuous surveillance confirmation:

Cement quality is supervised by TSÚS Bratislava. The quality management system is governed by the standard:

The cements manufactured conform:

EN 197-1 : 2000 - 06 Cement: Composition, specification and criteria for demonstrating the conformity of cements for general use

EN 197-2 : 2000 - 06 Cement: Demonstration of conformity