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About the company - Integrated management system policy

The top management of Považská cementáreň, a.s., Ladce, is aware of its responsibility and in line with its strategic vision


“The future of Považská cementáreň begins today”


it pronounces its policy which sets out its commitment to apply and support continuous efficiency improvements of the quality management system, environmental management system and occupational safety and health management system, to comply with all relevant binding obligations, applicable laws and other legislation, requirements of interested parties, and to apply risk-based management including a guarantee of safe and healthy working conditions.


The integrated policy is based on the following principles and rules:


1. Customers and other interested parties

Customer satisfaction is a critical success factor. Therefore, by permanently monitoring the requirements and expectations of our customers, we seek opportunities to improve it. By providing technical advice and information on aspects of our products, we have been successful in minimizing risks throughout the lifecycle of our products. Effective communication on product safety data enables the interested parties to take measures relating to the protection of health and life.

2. Innovation management

Continuous improvement of the entire system and processes, innovation of products and services, are a permanent part of our corporate culture. New products and technologies are designed in a manner that takes account of the requirements for minimizing the risks involved in producing and using such products and technologies.

3. Employees

Employees’ awareness about their responsibility for the quality of work, safe behaviour at the workplace, influencing of the environmental aspects, and professional development contribute to the enhancement of the performance of processes and satisfaction of requirements of the interested parties. We promote the principles of safe work, support the participation of employees and/or their representatives, and consult with them on the management of the occupational safety and health.

 4. Reliability of technological facilities

Modernisation of production facilities on the basis of the best available techniques, sound maintenance and responsible operation improve the quality and minimize negative effects of production on living and working environment, health of the employees and other people.

5. Living and working environment

For a systematic management of the environmental aspects, risks and opportunities at work, we take measures to manage them in order to minimize negative impacts on the environment including pollution prevention, improvement of working conditions, elimination of hazards, reduction of risks, injuries and damages to health.

 6. External providers

We manage cooperation with our business partners in order to ensure that their products, services and processes meet all the requirements and our mutual relations promote efficiency of the integrated system and its processes.

 7.  Sustainable development

We take care to ensure that sustainable development was in the long term a distinctive mark of the method of seeking the opportunities for continuous improvement of the IMS and achievement of the objectives of our business activity.



Ing. Anton Barcík

Chairman of the joint stock company’s Management Board