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About the company - Dual education

The quality, expertise, loyalty and tradition of the lifelong employment of workers are fundamental values of our company. In the past, our organisation has been closely linked to the education and training of young apprentices. That is why we have decided to re-enter the vocational training system through practical teaching. Since 2019, the company Považská cementáreň has held a certificate of competence to provide practical teaching in the dual education system.


Slovenská obchodná a priemyselná komora, with registered office at Gorkého 9, 816 03 Bratislava



Certificate No.: 525/SDV/SOPK/2018

Bratislava: 7 December 2018



under Section 13 of Act No. 61/2015 Coll. on vocational education and training and on amendments to certain laws, as amended






of competence to provide work-based learning

in the dual education system at the place

of work-based learning


Organization: Považská cementáreň, a.s.

with registered office at: J. Kráľa 601, 018 63 Ladce

Company Reg. No. (IČO): 31 615 716


The organization is competent to provide work-based learning in the dual education system at the place of work-based learning, address: J. Kráľa 601, 018 63 Ladce. The maximum number of students provided with work-based learning at the place of work-based learning in one day of work-based learning in the field of study and education which falls within the competence of the organization:


Field of study                                                                           Maximum number of students

2679 K mechanic – mechatronic                                                             4

2697 K mechanic – electrician                                                                4

2411 K mechanic adjuster                                                                       4

2413 K machinery and equipment mechanic                                           4

2433 H metal worker                                                                             6

2464 H machine engineer                                                                      6

2466 H 02 repair technician – machinery and equipment                       6

2683 H 11 electrician high voltage mechanic                                          6


The certificate is not transferable and it is valid for a period of seven years until 7 December 2025.

If the certificate expires during the school term, the certificate shall cease to be valid as of the end of the relevant school term.



Dr.h.c. doc. Ing. Peter Mihók, CSc.

President of SOPK