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About the company - History

Important historical milestones


  • beginning of the construction of the first cement plant in Slovakia for the production of Portland cement in Ladce under the trade name “Ledeczer Portland – Zement Fabrik des Adolf von Schenk – Ledecz”


  • the factory employed 500 employees, mainly from the vicinity of Ladce, with a high share of manual labour


  • first attempts with automated production in Schneider shaft (further attempts continued in 1920)


  • Žilina Holding Company for the production of cement and lime “Zsolnauer Zement und Kalkfabrik –Akziengesselschaft” became the new owner


  • installation of new automated shaft furnaces according to the Hauenschild system


  • beginning of the production of calcium aluminate cement under the name “'Bauxit'”

1939 to 1943

  • significant drop in production, owner - the Hungarian General Credit Bank


  • the new owner Slovenské cementárne a vápenky, n. p (Cement and lime works, national enterprise) the cement plant Ladce (in the following years, the cement plant is a part of the Production Unit of Cement and Lime Works in Slovakia, which were managed from the level of the General Directorate in Trenčín. The legal forms of the company changed, since 1981 it was the form of a concern)


  • change of the construction concept from shaft furnaces to a rotary kiln


  • commissioning of the modernized plant


  • exceeding the production threshold of 400,000 tonnes of cement per year


  • another growth of cement production, exceeding the threshold of 600 thousand tonnes per year


  • separation of the Vápenka Žirany plant and joining of the Lietavská Lúčka Cement Plant


  • beginning of incineration of end-of-life tyres


  • fundamental solution of the weakest link of the production – the quarry management (road construction)


  • separation of the Lietavská Lúčka Cement Plant, gaining of independence and separation from VHJ CEVA production unit


  • privatisation of the company, principal owner of Portlandcement, a. s. Ladce – employee company


  • start of the production of concrete mixes, establishment of the subsidiary Ladce Betón, s.r.o., Bratislava


  •  addition of shareholding structures - the companies Berger Holding GmbH Passau and Lafarge Betón, s.r.o., Bratislava


  • approval of the “Investment Master Plan” – an extensive reconstruction and modernization of the cement plant in order to further increase performance, - beginning of the reconstruction of the rotary kiln exchanger (reconstruction continued in gradual steps until 2008)


  • implementation of the investment task “Building of the coal management”


  • combustion of meat-and-bone meal, later application of the Biotrix technology


  • record production and sale of cement, exceeding the limit of 700 thousand tonnes per year


  • increase of the capacity of the cement mill and packaging plant, construction of the line for combustion of solid alternative fuels
  • record production and sale of cement, exceeding the limit of 800 thousand tonnes per year
  • granting of the European patent for the “Method of production of chromium-free cement using the technology developed by Považská cementáreň, a. s. Ladce”


  • record production and sale of cement, exceeding the limit of 900 thousand tonnes per year
  • modernization of the rotary kiln (continuation of previous stages of improving the performance of the rotary kiln)
  • a significant increase in the share of alternative fuels (more than 1/3 of the total consumption), this share continues to grow in the coming years


  • implementation of the investment task “Cylindrical cement mill CM 2”'


  • record production of clinker and cements, exceeding the historical record milestone of 1,000,000 tonnes in the production and sale of cement per year
  • further development of the concrete programme in the subsidiary Ladce Betón, s. r. o. Bratislava – new concrete plants in Nitra, Galanta and Tvrdošín (in 2009 also in Žiar nad Hronom)